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    In Social Media, Trustworthiness is the Key

    This entry was posted on February 21, 2014

    I just read a great piece on social media marketing for small and medium size business owners by Dave Thomas entitled 5 Truths the Boss Needs to Know About Social Media Marketing. In summary, his five points were: Truth #1. Social Media is Here to Stay Truth #2. We Have a Game Plan Truth #3. Social … READ MORE >

  • Five Core Truths of Marketing

    This entry was posted on November 8, 2013

    As the owner of a full-service marketing agency, I’ve worked with companies in every industry of every size. Over 20 years I have found some common missteps that reoccur in many organizations, which I have translated into key learnings that can guide the way you approach marketing. They sure do for my organization. Below you’ll … READ MORE >

  • Hi, TV. Thanks for tuning in. - Scott Cooper Associates Ltd

    “Hi, TV. Thanks for tuning in.”

    This entry was posted on January 24, 2012

    Have you ever been simultaneously intrigued and repulsed by something? It’s a disconcerting combination of emotions to have. A newsletter I recently received from AdAge Digital contained an article that stirred these contrasting emotions in me and spurred me to share them with you. The article was about a new use for front-facing cameras. We … READ MORE >